Host a screening

Judgment in Hungary is an exceptional tool to analyse and research, to make a change, to speak out and to break taboos, if you are interested in Human Rights, extreme right movements, structural racism, Roma Rights, antisemitism, antiziganism, Eastern-European politics, law, legal cases, crimes, etc.

We hope that Judgment in Hungary can be a great tool for campaigners, educators, organizers and community groups worldwide fighting against discrimination against Roma and against structural racism, also to research and to educate people on these subjects. If you are interested in to make a screening, please send your request.

If you would like to organize a screening, we’ll need some general info: where you are based, which organization (if any) you represent, if you require a digital or hard copy (DVD, BluRay or DCP) of the film.

The screening can be attended by the director of the film, or we can provide other experts, upon your request.


After recieving your request, we will respond soon with the conditions the film can be licensed for your screening. Please indicate the format of the preferred screening copy and also the date of the planned screening.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to drop us a line